Custom branded juice shots and juice bottles against a pink background

Boost brand experience at events

Natural, custom branded juice bottles provide a fresh take on the event giveaway.

Create a premium brand experience with vibrant juices

Serve up sensational flavour in smart branded bottles. Healthy, energising juice is a welcome boost at events, and the bottles create a memorable brand moment. Pick natural ingredients and colours to fit your event theme and branding.

Bottles of custom branded juice shots and juice bottles with ice scattered across the table

Give something nutritious and tasty for a glowing first impression

Choose from blends of 100% natural premium ingredients, in a rainbow of colours. Our custom branded juice menu has something for everyone, including full sized juices, health shots and revitalising shorts for a welcome energy boost. All our juices deliver incredible real fruit flavour without any artificial additives.

Put your brand on everyone’s lips and zest up your event

Break away from the typical event giveaway and serve up premium, freshly-made juices that your guests will love. We wanted to reframe the branded ‘freebie’ and give people something nutritious, tasty and original. Your branding shines centre stage on your custom label, and the bottle is filled with 100% natural juice made freshly for your event.


Three bottles of custom branded juice with the ingredients next to the bottles

We believe in using the best healthy ingredients

Serve up a premium brand experience with 100% natural homemade juices. The refreshments you provide people at events reflect on the quality of your brand. We use premium ingredients, sourced as locally as possible, to make small batch juices that are rich in flavour and packed with nutrients.

Make an impact with vibrant, health-packed, custom branded juices

A bottle of custom branded orange juice with a clear label on a yellow background