Bottles of different sizes with juice and smoothies on a yellow background

Freshly made juice with your brand on the bottle

We make bottled juice for events, to put your brand on everyone’s lips.

How it works…

We make your custom branded juice bottles with fresh ingredients and deliver them to your event or office in five easy steps.

How it works…

We make your custom branded juice bottles with fresh ingredients and deliver them to your event or office in five easy steps.

Step 1 1

Choose your bottle

Pick from standard, short and shot sized bottles. Choose premium glass or recyclable plastic bottles.

Three different sizes of juice bottles with orange juice inside them
Step 2 2

Choose your label

Brand the bottles to suit your event. Pick a clear or full print label to display your design.

Step 3 3

Select your quantity

Our juices are made fresh to order in small batches (from 50 and up) for premium quality.

An illustration of two boxes with a logo that reads Brand Juice
Step 4 4

Choose your flavours

Our menu spans flavour profiles and includes the full colour spectrum for visual impact.

Step 5 5

Receive your juices

We label up your bottles and handmake your juices, before sending them to you.

Bursting with flavour

Give people something that tastes genuinely great. Our juices are handmade with 100% natural ingredients and contain no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or additives.

Two hands holding bottles of juice and smoothies about to cheers

Put your brand in everyone’s hands

Make your branding pop with vibrant juice served in eye-catching, custom bottles that put your brand in the spotlight. Give people a natural energy boost and a personalised moment to relish during a busy day. Our fresh, flavourful juices put your brand front and centre. They generate buzz, spark conversation and help you build a positive brand association that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

How brands serve up a premium experience with juice

Set the tone for your event with a burst of fresh, natural flavour, with juice made from real fruits. Our clients rely on us to deliver a premium experience and product that complements their brand. We make ordering bottled juice for events a smooth process from enquiry to delivery.

Our clients
A collection of branded juice bottles with the STA logo on them

Serving up success for big names

We help brands make a splash with custom branded juice bottles for a wide range of events and launches around the UK. We're proud to call some of the biggest names in fashion, finance and healthcare our customers. They choose us because of our delicious juices, wide range of flavours, easy and efficient ordering process and second-to-none quality.

Juices and smoothies
A bottle of green smoothie with a Cath Kidston branded label

How we create the perfect blend

Unleash a burst of flavour and colour! Our fresh blends are winning combinations of natural fruits and vegetables for delicious taste, texture, and vibrancy. Choose from a range of natural ingredients and a bold spectrum of colours to complement your next event perfectly.

Our impact
Two men speaking at an event with one man drinking a juice shot

A conscious choice for event giveaways

Our handcrafted fresh juices are tailored for your event and packaged mindfully. We limit the impact of our small batch juice production and supply wherever possible, including using 100% recyclable bottles and packaging to minimise waste.

A collection of juice shots, juice bottles and smoothie bottles with branded labels

Premium bottled juice for events in a rainbow of tantalising flavours

Pick your flavours and choose colours to complement your branding. Select natural ingredients to match your event and tap into the health benefits of freshly made juice.

Brands we’ve worked with

  • New Balance logo
  • Rimmel London logo
  • Loreal logo
  • IKEA logo
  • Hiscox logo
  • Capita logo
  • BT Business logo
  • Boots logo
  • Avon logo
  • Asos logo
  • Man logo
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo logo
Juices and juice shots taken out of a ice packed box with ice scattered on the floor

Create your label or we can do it for you

Your branding should shine through at events, so make sure it takes centre stage on sleek, custom juice bottles. Go with a simple logo or theme your label to match your campaign or event. We can help you get it spot on.

  • Choose your bottle type and size
  • Pick from clear or full print labels
  • Choose your juice flavour
  • Create your own design – or we can do it for you!

Make an impact at events with delicious, health-packed drinks in beautifully branded bottles.