Fresh juice for summer events – ideas and inspiration  

Matthew Carr

Brand Juice


When planning a UK summer event, you are probably thinking a few key things. How can I make it fresh, fun, and memorable? How will I keep people cool and refreshed? What happens if it pours with rain?

We can’t help you with the rain, sorry. But we have you covered for the first two. Serving fresh juice at summer events is a simple, low-effort way to instantly provide a point of difference and give people something to enjoy.

How is juice different you may ask? It’s different when it’s BRANDED of course! Branded juice bottles and bars are a fun and creative way for guests to interact with your brand. Juice helps you say hello, have a great day, and here’s something delicious on us!

What are the options for fresh juice at summer events?

If you’re wanting to serve something tasty, healthy, and widely popular, then juice is your guy. But how to make it happen? There are two options to consider:

Smoothie bar with server

1. A serviced smoothie and juice bar

A branded juice bar is a fun focal point for a summer event. The setup allows you to add your branding to everything, from the bar and the cups to the lovely person blending the juice (their apron, anyway). People love seeing their drink prepared freshly before their eyes.

2. Branded juice bottles for events

The second option is to serve freshly prepared bottled juice, customised with your flavour choices and branding. Juice bottles look great, are simple to display, and are an easy branded touchpoint. Guests just wander up and pick their flavour.

The custom element of the bottle is something that draws people’s attention. Everyone loves a novelty, and seeing a dinky juice with branding on the bottle is a nice touch, and something that becomes a great moment for social media.

Both options – bottled juice or bars – are fantastic ways to boost engagement at your events. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at bottled juice for events, and what makes them such a popular tactic for brands at events, launches, exhibitions, and activations.

What makes juice bottles so popular?

  • Flavours that pack a punch – With so much average food and drink at events, serving fresh juice made from 100% natural ingredients is a welcome change.
  • A healthy alternative – During a busy day, people don’t want to be forced to eat convenience food. Guests appreciate something nutritious, tasty, and fresh.
  • The brand experience – Your brand on a juice or health shot bottle looks great, and is fresh take on the average event giveaway.
  • The engagement opportunities – Branded juice bottles are a sweet, aesthetic touch that people naturally want to take a picture of for their socials.
  • Complementary to other refreshments – Coffee bar? Sandwiches? Drinks reception the night before? In all these instances, fresh juice is going to go down a treat.
  • Easy, simple and mess free – Juice is delivered fast, fresh, and chilled to your event. The bottles come in boxes, ready for you to display as you wish. The box and bottles are recycled, and that’s everything done!

Brand Juice branded juice bottles and health shots

What flavours are best for juice at summer events?

The beauty of juice is it goes down a treat in every season. But if you did want to pick some especially summery blends to add to your event theme, we’d recommend:

  • Orange, mango, and passionfruit
  • Pineapple, mango, and spinach
  • Kiwi, lime, apple, and aloe vera health shot
  • Strawberry and banana
  • Mixed berry

Match your juice to your brand colours or event theme

Fresh juice comes in almost every colour you can think of, giving you scope to perfectly match your juice bottles to your event. You could pick your brand colours, or colours to reflect your campaign theme. Perhaps there are specific ingredients that tie in with your event.

An important part of choosing your juice flavours and bottle style is making sure the label is readable against the colour of the juice you pick. Whether you opt for a clear or full print label, we can help you determine the combination that will be most eye-catching.

Juice bottles in an ice bucket at exhibition

Got an event coming up?

No matter what the season, branded juice bottles make a refreshing, delicious addition to an event. Ideal for giving away at product launches and activations, juice bottles are also a great addition for conferences and exhibitions, providing a tasty burst of energy within a busy day.

Here at Brand Juice, we handmake fresh juices in small batches, specifically for your event. Every bottle is labelled, filled, and delivered fresh and chilled to your event space. Our juice is made from 100% natural ingredients, with no artificial preservatives or flavours.

Ready to create custom juice bottles for your next event? Find out about our juices and smoothies for events, or take a look at some of our client juice bottles for some inspiration and see what other brands have achieved.