A fresh approach to branded promotions

Matthew Carr

Brand Juice


Find out how to add a refreshing twist to your next event giveaway and make an impact with fresh, branded juices.

Energise your events with fresh branded juices. Here’s how you can effortlessly refresh your event promotions strategy with 100% natural small-batch juices that are packed with goodness and served in smart custom bottles. 

When it comes to promotions and giveaways at events, standing out and increasing brand awareness is the ultimate goal. From trade shows and conferences to product launches or festivals, a promotional gift is an ideal way to make a lasting great impression among your guests. 

The problem is, typical branded giveaways don’t tend to be too exciting. Cheaply made branded items are common at events, but are quickly forgotten about or thrown away – often even at the venue itself. They serve a purpose but lack any kind of wow factor that really resonates with people. That’s where our branded juices come in. They’re a perfect alternative to a traditional branded promotion for events. 

People will always remember the brand that offered a refreshing pick-me-up during a long or busy day. Whether you’re impressing potential customers, colleagues or clients, a deliciously fresh branded juice bottle or shot is a simple gesture that can go a long way for your brand.

Mistakes to avoid with branded promotions at events 

While branded items can be very effective for increasing your brand awareness at events, there are common pitfalls to avoid. Choosing the right product means it will resonate with your guests and represent your brand in the best light possible. 

Here are some of the most common mistakes. 

  • The wrong giveaway item. One of the biggest blunders is choosing a cheap promotional item that will quickly be thrown away. From pens and keyrings to tote bags, there are a lot of giveaway items that lack memorability. They get tossed out or buried in people’s junk drawers and ultimately become a waste of money and resources. 
  • Poor quality or design. As well as choosing the right item itself, you should also pay close attention to the quality and design. Cheaply-made merch that will fall apart quickly undermines your brand image. Simply putting your plain company logo on a poorly made item doesn’t make a great impression.
  • Supply issues. Nothing dampens a branded promotional giveaway more than running out of the giveaway items before the event is over. It can be disappointing for your guests and means you miss out on valuable brand impressions. Make sure you carefully calculate the supply needed based on how long your event is and how many people are estimated to attend.
  • Brand misalignment. When choosing a promotional event giveaway, you should always choose an item that authentically aligns with your brand identity and target audience. Using the wrong item that clashes with your customer base can send a confusing message.

By avoiding these pitfalls, you can ensure a successful event promotion that gets people genuinely excited about your company. Offering value rather than handing out throwaway trinkets creates a memorable brand impression. Get it right and your branded promotional items can boost your visibility, lead generation and positive brand message. 

Energise your brand experience

We know there’s a lot of value in branded promotional giveaways at events when they’re done right – and there’s something wonderfully revitalising about a quick juice break. That’s why we think there’s no better way to energise your events and elevate your brand experience than by offering guests fresh, vibrant branded juices. Our 100% natural small-batch blends provide a delicious promotional giveaway that’s as healthy as it is eye-catching, offering a refreshing boost that is much more likely to be remembered. Branded juices offer a whole host of other valuable benefits as event giveaway items, too. Here are just a few: 

  • Health and wellness. Unlike a lot of typical event giveaways, fresh juices help you convey a brand image that’s focused on wellness, health and self-care. By providing a healthy, natural product, you’re positioning your company as one that prioritises quality ingredients and health.
  • Low-waste. Our plastic bottles are easily recyclable, including the caps, and consumable items are naturally more eco-friendly than plastic items destined for landfill. As consumers become more environmentally conscious, low-waste branded items can help highlight your sustainability efforts.
  • Natural energy boost. The fruit sugars and vitamins in juices provide an all-natural jolt of energy without any crashes. This makes branded juices perfect for long conference days, evening events after work hours, or any other occasion where guests might need a refreshing pick-me-up.
  • Hydration. It can be a struggle to stay hydrated at busy events, leaving a lot of guests feeling drained. By handing out cool, thirst-quenching juices, you’re offering an enticing way for people to rehydrate that’s a lot more appealing than just water.
  • Conversation starters. Refreshing juices is the perfect way to spark conversation at your event. They help pique interest as people pass your booth or activation area and give you an easy way to introduce your products or services in a welcoming way. 
  • Customisation opportunities. Branded juices allow you to get creative with custom blends that reinforce your brand’s personality. Adding fun names to your juices is another way to show why your brand is special. 

Beyond the great taste and vibrant look, another fantastic benefit of branded juices is that they can help extend your social reach. Well-designed bottles of colourful juices look incredible on camera and social media. It’s PR gold for user-generated content! When the juices are branded with your company logo, they become a walking advertisement, with each shared post boosting your brand visibility even further. They’re the perfect branded promotion to increase brand awareness at events. 

Zest up your event

Branded juices offer a truly refreshing approach to event giveaways. Our juices are handmade with 100% natural ingredients and served in smart, branded bottles so you can put your brand in everyone’s hands.

 Find out more about how our juices can boost your brand’s visibility at your next event, or build your quote today.